Very Low Calorie Diet – No Weight Loss?

Ask most people how to lose a pound or three and they will tell you: “Eat Less, Exercise More”. And, as far as that goes, they are right. The surest way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit. That is, burning off more calories a day than you eat.

There is, however, a trick!

That calorie deficit cannot be too large. If it is instead of losing weight a very low calorie diet can well cause you to lose weight much slower.

Lowering your calorie intake too much tricks the body into thinking about where its next meal is coming from. Your metabolism rate, how quickly food is converted to energy, is reduced. The result is, when the next meal comes along, your body uses the opportunity to store fat.

Remember that, evolution-wise, we aren’t that far removed from our ancestors when they came out of trees. Then obtaining food was a serious survival issue and the human body adapted to the challenge by learning to store fat for future use every chance it had.

Using a Very Low Calorie Diet

Deciding on a very low calorie diet plan may have an immediate impact on your weight but it is not sustainable over time. Using a severely reduced calorie meal plan will simply cause the body to adjust as described a bit earlier. Even worse, when you begin eating a normal amount of calories your weight can easily increase rapidly because you have trained your metabolism to operate slowly.

In other words, you eat a lot fewer calories to lose a lot less weight!

Also bad is that following such a diet can really mess up your health overall. Staying on a very low calorie diet for too long can lead to all sorts of undesirable things. Issues can include lethargy, being light headed, low blood pressure, and even abnormal heart rhythms.

Far better is to develop a balanced diet that provides an acceptable quantity of calories derived from healthy foods coupled with a practical exercising program.

Those who regularly practice a moderate daily calorie deficit will lose weight at a slow but steady rate. These practices are also statistically shown to be much more likely to maintain the weight loss over time.

Although depriving yourself by using a very low calorie diet may seem like a good idea, you are really hurting your chances for healthy weight loss.