Improve Your Workout

improve your workout

Most of us have some sort of exercise routine even if we don’t follow it every day. Often we tell ourselves we just don’t have enough time when the real reason is we are frustrated with the process. I hope the ideas here will help improve your workout and reduce your frustration.

Have a Goal

If you don’t have a goal how will you know when you reach it? Decide on a realistic fitness and/or workout goal and write it down. Making a record of your goal has great power. You will find some good log templates here.

Now that you have a goal, maintain a log of your workouts each day. As you improve your workout and your fitness over time, this written record will have its own motivation.

Start With the Basics

Walking is the most basic exercise there is and also one of the best. You can choose to walk just about anywhere and anytime. Parking at the far end of the lot makes you walk as does choosing to walk several blocks to an appointment or lunch rather drive. And you can improve you workout by walking the right way.

  • Increase the benefits of walking by taking each step with your heel before picking up your toe. This will strengthen the calf muscles more rapidly.
  • Swing your arms in rhythm with each step. Bending at the elbows will workout your arms as well.
  • Walk at a brisk pace. Fast enough to elevate your heart rate but not so fast that you can’t carry on a conversation

Working Out is Where You Find it

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking exercise only happens at a gym or at a specific time. Any activity will help you improve your workout and reach your goals. Just one example is volunteer work. Becoming involved in an effort like Habitat for Humanity a day or two each week offers a great way to get additional exercise and help your community at the same time. Just remember to log your efforts.

Gym not Required

This is not a criticism of gyms, far from it. For many people gyms and professional trainers are the right answer to improve their workouts and their health. But, they are not for everyone.

If you are one of those who just can’t see themselves joining a gym for any reason take heart; there is no reason you cannot get sufficient exercise and improve your workout on your own. Especially if your exercise is walking or jogging, doing it outside is often much preferable than the dull repetition of a treadmill.

Whichever works for you the important part to remember is to set your goal and write it down and keep a written log of your progress each day.

Tips to Improve Your Workout

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