The Best Diet Plan is Good Lifestyle Habits

By Sandra Cole

People are always looking for short cuts. They’re all looking for “the one” – the quickest, the cheapest, and the most efficient diet plans. When people browse for different diet products, they automatically look for what makes this particular diet fad “different” from the rest. They keep on looking for what makes a particular diet “the best diet plan.” This is the wrong approach.

It doesn’t take a genius to come up with a good diet plan. Don’t look for what makes a diet “different,” look for what it has in common with every other diet plan you’ve seen. Stop looking for the best diet plan. Any diet plan will work as long as there is an emphasis on consistency and the formation of correct habits. As long as you incorporate healthy lifestyle habits into your diet plan, weight management will never be a problem.

Make daily exercise part of your way of life

A person who regularly engages in physical activities of any kind rarely has trouble with weight management. Forget the best diet plan. Just make a daily plan that includes a lot of physical activity. You’d be surprised how much weight you can lose from having a daily habit of jogging. If you’re not a fan of jogging, there are other activities you can engage in like swimming, working out, or learning a martial art. The primary cause of weight problems is a lack of physical activity. You can eliminate your weight problems quickly just by making physical activity a part of your daily routine.

Eat whatever you want

One of the most common reasons why people give up on their diet plans is because some diets demand a lot from an individual. If a diet tells you not to eat your favorite food, it’s only a matter of time before you give up on it. A lot of people all over the world are able to achieve a certain level of weight management regardless of what they eat. The secret is in portion control. When you’re having weight problems, you’re obviously eating too much. If this is the problem you’re having, then eat less. You don’t need the best diet plan to realize that you need to eat less to lose weight. Find ways to control the portions you eat and you will lose weight. One tactic that has worked wonders for many is to use smaller plates. If you have a habit of filling your plate, make your plates smaller so you would eat less.

Do things manually

Technology has provided individuals today with the tools to do almost everything from home. We can shop from home, work from home, and keep in touch with friends from home. Unfortunately, all these benefits have also drastically reduced the average person’s tolerance for physical activity. One reason why a lot of people are having so much trouble with weight management is because they’re not used to physical activity. Even the best diet plan isn’t going to work if your daily physical activity is limited to typing on a keyboard.

Drink water

There are several reasons why drinking water can help you with weight management. Water makes you feel full. Drinking water often can reduce your appetite, control the amount of food you eat, flush out the toxins from your body, and hydrate your body after workouts. One way to maintain optimum health is to drink plenty of water. Maybe your best diet plan is simply to drink plenty of water.

Eat right

You don’t need the best diet plan to realize that including fruits and vegetables in your diet is good for you. Weight management problems are often caused by unhealthy diets. If your diet consists mostly of fat and sodium, chances are the food you’re eating is making you gain weight. It’s simple really. If you want to be able to manage your weight, don’t eat food that will make it difficult for you to manage your weight. You can always prepare your favorite foods with alternative ingredients. If you’re craving for a burger, find a vegan alternative. If you want pasta, use seafood instead of meat for the sauce. At the end of the day, your weight is the result of the little decisions you make every day.

There is no such thing as the best diet plan. People are different. We all have different bodies, different DNA. What works for one individual may not work for another. In fact, many of the cardinal rules the most popular diets promote – reducing carbohydrates, counting calories, going on juice fasts, eating apples exclusively – are unnecessary as long as you know the basics of weight management. Stop looking for drastic, unsustainable, inefficient weight loss plans and just try to live a healthy life.

The best diet plan is simply a plan that works.

Finding the Best Diet Plan for You

Very Low Calorie Diet – No Weight Loss?

Ask most people how to lose a pound or three and they will tell you: “Eat Less, Exercise More”. And, as far as that goes, they are right. The surest way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit. That is, burning off more calories a day than you eat.

There is, however, a trick!

That calorie deficit cannot be too large. If it is instead of losing weight a very low calorie diet can well cause you to lose weight much slower.

Lowering your calorie intake too much tricks the body into thinking about where its next meal is coming from. Your metabolism rate, how quickly food is converted to energy, is reduced. The result is, when the next meal comes along, your body uses the opportunity to store fat.

Remember that, evolution-wise, we aren’t that far removed from our ancestors when they came out of trees. Then obtaining food was a serious survival issue and the human body adapted to the challenge by learning to store fat for future use every chance it had.

Using a Very Low Calorie Diet

Deciding on a very low calorie diet plan may have an immediate impact on your weight but it is not sustainable over time. Using a severely reduced calorie meal plan will simply cause the body to adjust as described a bit earlier. Even worse, when you begin eating a normal amount of calories your weight can easily increase rapidly because you have trained your metabolism to operate slowly.

In other words, you eat a lot fewer calories to lose a lot less weight!

Also bad is that following such a diet can really mess up your health overall. Staying on a very low calorie diet for too long can lead to all sorts of undesirable things. Issues can include lethargy, being light headed, low blood pressure, and even abnormal heart rhythms.

Far better is to develop a balanced diet that provides an acceptable quantity of calories derived from healthy foods coupled with a practical exercising program.

Those who regularly practice a moderate daily calorie deficit will lose weight at a slow but steady rate. These practices are also statistically shown to be much more likely to maintain the weight loss over time.

Although depriving yourself by using a very low calorie diet may seem like a good idea, you are really hurting your chances for healthy weight loss.

Vinegar for Weight Loss – Does it Work?

We humans have been using vinegar for weight loss help for a very long time. Hundreds of years in fact. Despite that there isn’t a whole lot of research to determine if it helps or not.

There are some female celebrities that swear by it, saying it helps them stay slim or “clean them out”. So does it work and, how?

By the Way we are talking about Apple Cider vinegar here, not any other variety!

You Feel Better using Vinegar for Weight Loss help

Are you energetic and feeling good? If so chances are you aren’t eating much you shouldn’t be. You are probably getting a bit of exercise as well. At the same time, if you are using Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss plans it is natural to give it the credit.

One theory is that adding vinegar helps the body to efficiently digest proteins. In turn this releases tryptophan. The tryptophan next promotes the hormone serotonin. Serotonin makes us feel great, promotes energy, and aids in sleep. What’s not to like?

Again, this is only theoretical but Apple Cider Vinegar isn’t going to hurt you so, if it feels good go for it!

You Feel More Satisfied After a Meal

Diets using Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss recommend drinking a full glass of water mixed with vinegar before a meal.

Just drinking 8 ounces of water by itself is going to help by making you feel fuller faster.

Mixing vinegar with the water may help a bit more as it contains a bit of apple fiber called pectin. Pectin is hydrophilic which means it mixes with water and absorbs water as well. All making you feel fuller and more satisfied on a bit less food.

Adding Apple Cider Vinegar to your meal plan is easily done and, when used in moderation, does not appear to be harmful. Nor does it appear to be a great help in losing weight. However, it may be of help to some.

But using vinegar for weight loss help isn’t for everyone and it is a good idea to talk to a medical professional about your unique situation before taking any supplement.

Fruit for Weight Loss – Eat to Lose Weight

Diets are supposed to be about denial and eating less. But some foods can promote losing weight even when eaten in quantity. Skeptical? You should be, there is a lot of bad information out there but, in this case it is true. It is perfectly accurate to claim that eating lots of fruit for weight loss is a real thing.

Fruits are a “Superfood”

We can debate what a “superfood” really is but fruit is clearly really good for us. Eaten as part of a daily meal plan fruit does all sorts of good things:

  • Control Blood Sugar
  • Boost Digestion
  • Improve Immunity to illnesses
  • Assist in removing toxin from the body

Different fruits have different nutritional properties:

Citrus Fruits

Oranges, limes, and lemons are all citrus fruits. They contain fewer carbohydrates than others. Citrus fruits have great detoxification properties and contain a great deal of water to prevent dehydration.

Water Fruits

These are watermelons, cantaloupes, and honeydew melons among others. Besides water these fruits have enough good carbohydrates to provide an extra bit of energy. Adding these to a meal plan keeps you hydrated and energetic.

Carb Fruits

Grapes, apples, figs, pears, and bananas all have a high amount of good carbohydrates. This is why these fruits are often recommended for breakfast. The carb loading will keep you satisfied for several hours.

Dried Fruit

Some fruits are even better when dried. Prunes, raisins, and dates are all well stocked with a lot of nutritional value in terms of minerals and vitamins. Being dried, these fruits are easily transported and are perfect for between meal snacks.

Making the decision to eat healthy provides a lot of options. It’s self evident that adding some of the above fruit for weight loss to your daily meal plan will boost health. It will also provide a boost to your efforts to lose weight.

Fruit for Weight Loss

Juicer Recipes – A Great Diet Idea

Adding as many vegetables and fruit to your diet as possible is an essential step in any diet. An easy way to add large amounts of both is by juicing. Free juicer recipes are everywhere on line and add a lot of interest to meal plans.

Juicing offers many nutritional benefits because the nutrients in vegetables and fruits are not being lost in the cooking process. Indeed, building a diet plan around juicing is a great idea.

Effective Weight Loss

Weight loss research proves that consuming more vegetables and fruit promotes quicker and healthier weight loss. For many, using juicer recipes daily is an important part of their meal planning.

One example: a juicer recipe of carrots, apple juice, and spinach contains fewer than fifty calories yet is very satisfying.

Juicer Recipes are Affordable

A lot of companies make a lot of money off those of us trying to lose weight. Many products don’t work or work only a little. Very few work well.

On the other hand, free juicer recipes are easily found online. The only cost is for the juicer itself and the vegetables themselves. It takes very little time to realize a substantial amount of savings over purchasing commercial diet plans and products. This is always important to most families.

Juicer Recipes are Healthy

Adding juicing recipes to your meal plan is good for your health. Increasing the amount of vegetables and fruit help a lot in staving off health scares such as kidney disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes.


Juicing does not offer a lot of protein. You must be careful that you are getting enough protein from other sources. This can be done by adding protein powder to the juicer recipes, or by adding foods such as egg whites or soybeans to your meals.

Try it First

Many who claim not to like the taste of vegetables and fruits are pleasantly surprised by how tasty a well made juicer recipe can be. The moral is to try it before deciding!

To get started, visit here or here for free juicer recipes.

Planning a Healthy Diet

When planning a healthy diet, think about small steps that can help you change your diet. Then commit yourself towards these steps and gradually you will find yourself taking a healthy diet even without noticing.

Choose Your Diet

To begin planning a healthy diet, identify a variety of foods that make up a balanced diet. The food recipes you choose should be foods that you enjoy. These will ensure you are not bored and that you don’t give up on your healthy diet plan. The major factor that discourage people and make them quit is repeatedly eating foods they don’t like.

Start simply and slowly with the goal of making your diet a bit healthier day by day. Make sure to use fresh ingredients in all your food preparations. Fresh foods provide many more nutrients than preserved or processed foods.

Change Your Eating Habits Gradually

Changing ingrained eating habits is a step by step process. People who try changing their diet overnight frequently end up giving up. To successfully change your dietary habits requires you make small manageable changes a little at a time. Start by adding small portions of the ‘new foods’ to your usual diet. For example you can switch from cooking with solid fat to cooking with liquid oil- like olive oil.

These small changes on your diet will quickly become a habit. When you make a habit of adding more and more healthy foods to your daily diet very soon it will be healthy!

Every Diet Change Matters

The goal of planning a healthy diet is to look good, have added energy and minimize your risk of getting diseases.

This does not mean you must be perfect. It also doesn’t mean you get rid of the normal foods you love. What counts is every portion of food that you add into your common foods. Whenever you add some healthy food into your diet, be sure that you are making progress.


Developing Healthy Eating Habits

You can learn healthy eating habits just like you learn to do other things in life.

Do not think of food as something you just pick on the store or on your way home. A healthy eating habit begins with choosing valuable foods that adds up to a balanced diet.

Then change your eating habits gradually. Here are a couple of tips that will help:

  • Enjoy chewing your foods: Do not be in a hurry to swallow your food. Take time and feel the flavor of your food and its texture as well. Chew every bit of food slowly and completely. These will increase your enjoyment of eating your food and also help you avoid mindless overeating.
  • Eat together with other people: This has both emotional and social benefit to your health. You will find it enjoyable when you eat while others are eating. This also encourages you to be aware of what and how much you are eating, especially when eating foods that you are not used to.

If you eat while watching TV or working on your computer, you will end up overeating.

For more information on healthy eating, planning healthy meals and the dangers of emotional eating, link to

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By John Muriuki

Planning a Healthy Diet

Safe Weight Loss Techniques

Safe Weight Loss Techniques

By Dale R Smith

Would you like to lose some of the extra weight?

Are you sick and tired of every new fad that comes down the pike? Find it difficult to schedule an effective set of exercises that will take you to the next level? The confrontations that are encountered are many and oftentimes nip in the bud an honest attempt to eliminate the extra pounds. But there are some safe weight loss techniques involving rudimentary changes of lifestyle that will help reach your goals with no diet or more exercise.

Weight of a person is very important to the physiognomy, or appearance, and is important in many different ways. It may affect the overall quality of life, self importance, depression, risks to health and physical capabilities. As a person loses weight, many positive changes become very apparent. For these reasons and more, many people are looking for a program, or technique, that surely has the capabilities to take off unwanted fat, resulting in a slim, svelte, head-turner body, and in warp speed.

Before any major weight loss program is started, please consult your doctor and seek his advice for the best regimen. A full examination is important and will lead to the most effective and safe program. To implement safe weight loss techniques quickly and efficiently, several facets of daily living must be altered. Namely, what to eat, how to eat, general behavior and level of activity.

Before you begin, consider these tips that can be life changing.

All safe weight loss techniques will consist of multifaceted techniques consisting of way of thinking, physical training, and in sometime extreme cases, various diet supplements. Start by including a food plan that is easy to design and with which you are familiar. In the overall physical part of the plan, include at the least fifteen or more minutes each day. For example, walking with brevity, running, swimming and dancing. Running should also be included if you can comfortably.

Set realistic goals for yourself. Extreme anticipation can often bring disappointment. Focus and easily managed mindset will enable you to accept your diet for quick loss of extra pounds. With discipline and proper mind set, a dieter will never be discouraged and lose focus.

Let messages from your body speak loudly. Individual metabolism reacts differently to every quick weight loss program and technique. One program may be substituted for another to discover your body rejoinder. Individual plan should be suitable for ones capabilities since some are not capable of exercising with as much vigor as others. If running is too taxing, then walking will work just fine. Walking has proven a good exercise. More calories are consumed by muscle so do not completely rely on your scales. A bit of muscle often looks good.

Fiber makes a person seem full much sooner and normally remain in the stomach for a longer time. This slows the rate of digestion for more benefit to the body. Whole grain bread moves fat through the digestive system much faster. Most grains create blood sugar that, in return, increases the insulin level. Selectively, grains make the body more energetic. Benefits are telling the body to start burning fat instead of storing them.

Religiously stay away from fried food, particularly those that are deep fried. These kinds of food contain an unhealthy amount of fat. Fish and chicken may appear more lean than beef, but this fried white meat may contain more fat than fried beef. A strict diet normally will recommend grilled food rather than fried. This form of cooking will result in far less fat than frying.

Always drink superabundant amounts of fluid. At least six or eight large glasses of water a day will help refresh the body. Weight loss fundamentally requires the body eliminate waste so hydration if very important.

Consider the following three points as being necessary for all safe weight loss techniques

Number One … consume a glass of water 30 minutes prior to your meal. The slight feeling of fullness will setup your stomach for better digestion.

Number Two … serve your meals on a smaller plate. With a smaller plate, you tend to have less food. Plates have grown larger and larger, thereby also has the average meal.

Number Three … take smaller bites. Eating is not a competition to fill you stomach quickly. Enjoy every bite and make your meal last. A slower pace will sooner make you understand when full and time to stop.

These simple changes in your lifestyle will definitely help with weight loss and let you eat the food to which you are accustomed. Eating less without thinking about it is the key to success.

Discipline and consistency are the best practices and, again, the basic successful keys to all safe weight loss techniques. A light dieting routine and reasonable workouts, combined with rational supplements, will most assuredly furnish acceptable results. You will discover that a massive dieting action will usually be followed by a return to old habits. This will normally beat a path to more weight gain and less weight loss than when first beginning.