What’s the Best Diet?

what's the best diet

If you are asking what’s the best diet, it’s the wrong question. A better question is what’s the best healthy diet. Or, even better yet, what’s the best diet for me?

How you answer these question will determine how successful (or not) your diet effort will be.

Determining What’s the Best Diet

One of the most important things to keep in mind when losing weight is the way you eat. If you are eating unhealthy, then it’s less likely that you going to lose weight. But if you do eat healthy, then it’s high likely that you going to drop some pounds! Before you start trying to lose weight, you should have a healthy diet plan.If you want to setup a healthy diet plan, you should know what to eat/drink and what you shouldn’t. Avoid food products that contain lots fat or sugar. If you don’t do this one thing, you are literally wasting your time. All your hard work of trying to lose weight is lost.

Knowing What not to Eat

So how should you know what not to eat? It’s really very simple: Read the labels! Choose only those products with low amounts of fats, sugar, calories, and preservatives. When you setup a healthy diet plan, you have to avoid anything that contains a lot of fat, calories sodium, and sugar. It might be frustrating at first because you will be giving up foods you like and ate before. The payoff will come each time the scale reports a lower number. Don’t Give Up!

Avoid the drive-through

I won’t say that fast food chains have no healthy choices but they are very limited. Plus, the temptation for a big,sloppy burger is always there. I have personal experience of intending to order a salad and ending up with a burger and fries “just this once”. Maybe your will power is stronger than mine but I just have to avoid fast food places altogether. You will save money too.

Control Portion Size

Portion control is an oft overlooked dieting tip. Makes sense; don’t fill the plate to overloading means eating less. If hunger still persists, have a second helping. But I am betting you won’t. Personally, I find a second helping is emotionally hard. And that’s a good thing!

Another good portion control trick is to use smaller plates. This might sound strange but it has been proven to have benefits in more than one study. A smaller plate can’t contain as much food and tricks your brain into thinking you are eating more than you really are. Give it a try before dismissing the idea.

Believe in Yourself

Study after study has pointed to the emotional part of dieting. It is all very complicated and I’m certainly not smart enough to do it all justice. Suffice to say that no one is going to make you a successful dieter except you. Make a goal, work towards it and don’t quit when you have a bad day. The sun comes up again tomorrow offering a brand new chance to do it again.

So, in the end, the answer to the question what’s the best diet is different for each of us. Don’t waste time on what supposedly works for someone else. Focus on what will work for you!